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Tigers Lair Reviews

  • Bryan Brown, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Love this place. They are working with my 4 year old son and the coaches are fantastic. They are patient yet firm, and are great with kids of all ages.

    Bryan Brown
  • Martha Perez, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Tigers Lair is a excellent place to learn martial arts. I love it there because my kids enjoy going whenever they can. It's a very friendly environment and the trainers are caring and motivating. They teach the kids how to be more confident in themselves. My kids have learned so many skills and moves in the past four months. I encourage you to come, it's a great place to be.

    Martha Perez
  • Jessica Williams, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    We love this place! Small classes and instructors are very patient. My kids look forward to it every day! Pedro is fantastic and highly skilled.

    Jessica Williams
  • Shawn Korhel, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    My wife and I love watching my little girl interact and learn this art. And the instructors/sensei are top notch! Always recommending and helping their students along.

    Shawn Korhel
  • Anabell Ayala, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Fun family atmosphere for kids where they can acquire self confidence yet humility and respect for their fellow classmates in a bully free zone. My kid no longer has to worry about being bullied and is learning other life lessons like focus, dedication, exercise, and social skills to interact with other people that video games cannot fulfill. The teachers are great and interested in your personal development along with fellow classmates that also help each other.

    Anabell Ayala
  • Kiersten Dugan, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    This place is awesome! My daughter and I started couple weeks ago, and have learn so much. It has a great, family oriented environment.

    Kiersten Dugan
  • Viviana Arias, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Definitely 5 stars. been looking for a gym that is welcoming to my family and I never felt more at home here. The instructors and sensei are amazing and really help to motivate you, so that you can reach your goals. My kids love it! First thing in the morning, they ask about jujitsu. AWESOME! Couldn't be happier with my decision.

    Viviana Arias
  • Goo Gobbs, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Great Gym, Great Instructors/Sensei ...I enjoy every visit.... Everyone is very helpful & willing to help you succeed in whatever martial-arts craft your looking to prefect...... I'm glad to be part of the team.

    Goo Gobbs
  • Jenny Harris, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Tigers Lair is a great place for martial arts, with a family friendly atmosphere! What I like best is that the classes are for people of any skill level, beginner to advanced. As a beginner to Jiu-Jtsu it was easy for me to learn the techniques and put them into practice. My son and I attend the Jiu-Jitsu class and the Karate class. Sensei Diaz is truely a master at his practice. He takes the time to work one on one with studesnts through out class. I highly recomend Tigers Lair for the best martial arts training you can get!

    Jenny Harris
  • Gavino Lechuga, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Its an amazing place great staff students are great if you want to train then this is your place.very welcoming family friendly i cant say enough good about this place glad i found it come see a class. Open door ask the questions go on line and get the special its a good trial. Itsclasses and the GI for a sweet price cant ask for more im 6'2 325 and had a blast, theres all kids of skill levels and people to help you out so no excuses get to training Mr. Pedro Dizas thank you for welcoming me into your gym.

    Gavino Lechuga
  • Roman Felix, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Tigers lair is the best place to learn Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing and Japanesse Jiu Jitsu. Sensei Pedro Diaz is an excellent instructor who cares for all his students and treats them as they were his own family. Atomsphere here is great too! Everyone who studies martial arts here in this school treat each other very well. Also, you can come to get fit and its very worth it! Come here to Tigers Lair and have some fun and get to meet new people and most important enjoy your new life! A huge stress realiver if you do decide to study in this great school!OSS!

    Roman Felix
  • Gabe van hoek, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Best place to train at, fantastic teachers everybody welcomes you and treats you like family. If youre looking to grow as a mixed martial artist, as a person, or in your everyday life Tigers Lair is the way to go, they'll make a Champion out of you.

    Gabe van hoek
  • Raymundo Garcia, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Great for family and friends. Supportive environment to learn martial arts and also get in great shape. While getting in shape it is also a great stress relief. You come in roaring like a tiger and leave purring like a kitten.

    Raymundo Garcia
  • Jeremy Belnap, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Whether your goal is to learn a functional martial art for self-defense, get in shape, lose weight, or even compete on a National and International level, Tigers Lair is for you. I entrust Pedro and Christian, not only with my own learning journey, but also with that of my children. Come down and check it out today! I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Jeremy Belnap
  • Deneb Tambagan, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    5 stars doesn't even do this place justice! the atmosphere is friendly, the people are fun, and you can make your experience as intense as you want it to be! I love this place!

    Deneb Tambagan
  • Jamila Stacy, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Since day one all of my questions have been answered and the atmosphere is always friendly. Great instructors who really do care about your success.

    Jamila Stacy
  • Hilda Vargas, Tigers Lair Testimonials

    Los mejores!!! tengo a mis tres hijos en brazilian jiu-jitsu han aprendido mucha diciplina tienen 4 meses y sus vidas han cambiado he visto un cambio positivo en su comportamiento y academicamente, mi hijo mayor de calificacion D- suvio a A . Gracias Tigers Lair Martial Arts Academy

    Hilda Vargas


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