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Bully Buster Program

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Bully Buster Program Provides Youth with Legs to Stand On
By Pedro Diaz, Owner Tigers Lair Martial Arts

Bullying has become a huge problem in the U.S., thousands of organizations have been created by students, teachers, parents, and others to counteract bullying. Each organization focuses on “why” bullies harass others and how to prevent it. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. Although progress is being made to stop bullying and violence in school, many young people are still exposed to the painful and scarring harassment on the Internet, through social networking, and cell phones use. Youths are constantly connected to one another, making it virtually impossible for young people to run away from the ongoing harassment. 
How can you ensure that your child can stand up to this type of behavior?

For many, martial arts has been a tool in the ongoing battle of bullying and harassment. While it gives students confidence, it also provides them with the skills necessary to work through confrontation and arguments without using violence. Martial arts teach self-defense as well as patience, respect, and balance.

During the Xia Dynasty the Yellow Emperor Huangdi was said to introduce early fighting systems to China. These fighting systems later evolved into what we now know as martial arts. As martial arts matured, philosophical aspects of the combat style became vital. Taoist philosophers became devoted practitioners for discipline, physical and mental health, as well as spiritual well being. Though modern martial arts relies on learning stances, combat, and even weaponry, the philosophical teachings are a crucial part of the practice.

Dr. Webster-Doyle, the developer of the Bully Buster program, emphasizes the importance of respect, focus, and self-confidence derived from martial arts. While self-defense is important, students will learn when it is time to confront an opponent or to walk away. 

By learning about mutual respect and control during training, a student is able to gain self-respect and value for their opponent where they learn to acknowledge the bully’s opinion and feelings without facing the issue with frustration and anger. 

The ability to think clearly during a hostile situation can be difficult for many people, especially for a young person. By focusing and mentally working through a problem, it is easier to act responsibly and thoughtfully. Patience can help the student understand that the bully is harassing them due to their own feelings of fear, hurt, or as a defense mechanism.

At Tigers Lair Martial Arts, Bully Busters sessions are coeducation and offered on Saturdays free of charge. Age groups are 5-8 years and 9-15 years, see our Facebook page for schedule.

Practicing martial arts is about defending yourself mentally and physically. Executing stances, working through techniques, and building strength are crucial in practicing martial arts. Maintaining focus, patience, and respect will only help further physical strength and balance. Martial arts give students the skills to solve problems, create useful discussion, build confidence, and work through tough situations. 

Pedro Diaz
Tigers Lair Martial Arts
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